there could be nothing better. (sweet_freedom) wrote in camp_calumet,
there could be nothing better.

I just have a quick question-when should I fill out/mail in a CIT application? I know it should be like September but I don't want to be too early or late..(yeah I know that I shouldn't be too worried about getting turned down, but you can never be too careful.)

Thanks and have a great day all
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The application should be online I think, just print it out and send it when it says to.
send it in as soon as shows that you are really interseted and doesn't effect you though when you turn it in....i didn't turn my in until i think after the deadline and i still got in and had the best summer of my life...nothing can top CIT summer...good luck...every second is worth it...

~heather, CIT 05~
hey! im thinking about doing CIT next summer too- what weeks do you go?